Exhibition News



J & A Aviaries continues to be a top breeder of show quality cockatiels.  The 2015 Show Season has come to a close and we are getting prepared for the start-up of the 2016 show season.  Currently, we are using this time to rest and breed our birds.  In 2014, we will begin to show our Green Cheek Conures in SPBE Parrot shows.  This is a new venture for our aviary and we are excited to bring out these beautiful birds.  Our Conures are doing consistently well on the Bench.  We have expanded our program to work with the more rare mutations.

 We have produced several birds that have achieved ACS Grand Champion and Champion Status.

We have produced many NCS Supreme Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame birds.  In addition, many of J & A Aviaries birds are Grand Champion and Champions in NCS.

Many of the offspring of these birds are continuing in the long-standing tradition of continuing to be recognized by several of the top judges in both organizations.